"The skin, the organ of expressions"

The skin is our outer layer that connects us to our environment. Our skin tells us a lot about the state of our health and wellbeing. It shows physical signs that provide us with information that can support the diagnosis of physical and mental illnesses.
The skin is not just an aesthetic decoration: it is also a reflection of the state of our health, of what happens in our body.

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Dr Ashwyn Schotborg is a medical doctor from the Netherlands who has been focussing professionally on health and happiness for over 20 years. He complemented his medical degree by specializing himself in aesthetic medicine, orthomolecular medicine, fitness and coaching. He dedicated his time to understand and practise in each of these specialties individually. This provided him with unique insights and a drive to bring these specialties together with one goal: a way to improve health and happiness!! Dr Schotborg believes in the synergistic effect when you combine these worlds, the base for his ‘mic’ concept: whatever you do…Make It Count! #mic

Ms Linda Hoedelmans
Head of Marketing COVA Healthcare Benelux
Linda has more than 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the pharma and medical device industry with proven Strategic, Commercial and People acumen. Linda is passionate to deliver results in fast changing competitive markets that demand the right mix of analysis & creativity, reflection & dealing with ambiguity in close collaboration with external stakeholders. 


Our partner in skincare is the Bio-Pharmaceutical Mastelli established in 1952 in Sanremo, Italy. Mastelli has been working on the development of specific products in the field of Aesthetic Medicine for offering constantly effective and integrated solutions containing Polynucleotides HPT. 

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Polynucleotides HPT (Highly Purified Technology) are products of natural origin: derived from fish intended for human use (alimentary use) obtained through a selective extraction with the original Mastelli’s method. This minimizes the risks deriving from proteins and immunogenic peptides. Mastelli’s unique method, supported by 50 years of reseach and more that 100 publications, guarantees high purification and safety.


Polynucleotides are the building blocks of the DNA. When introduced into the skin, it initiates a large number of processes:
• It is anti-inflammatory
• Stimulates cell growth;
• Builds the extracellular matrix
• Stimulates angiogenesis
• Improves fine lines
• Evens out the skin
• Regenerates the skin by repairing damage caused by age.

Due to the strong reaction of the molecule to skin repair, it is often referred to as the skinbooster which should actually be called a SKINHEALER.

Current cosmetic anti-ageing treatments are focused on treating symptoms and problems. Polynucleotides provide something different: healing and protection.
1. Skin thickening and compaction (thin skin due to aging)
2. Function and appearance recovery (damaged skin due to UV exposure or poor care)
3. Even texture (atrophic skin with acne scars (often in combination with laser)
4. Calm skin (prone skin after acne)
5. Smoothing (for fine lines)
6. Good moisture-oil balance (oily/dry skin with large visible pores)
7. Hydration (Dehydrated Skin) 


The bioactive molecules derived from stem and germ cells are increasingly in the foreground in medicine. It is also rapidly gaining ground in aesthetic medicine.

Plinest has tissue repair, anti-ischemic and anti-inflammatory properties. In the medical world it is used to promote healing in:
• Burns
• Diabetes-caused hard-to-heal wounds
• Autoimmune diseases
• Hyperpigmentation
• Skin grafts
• Stimulate hair growth

Polynucleotide Effect On The Skin:
• Reduction of signs of aging (wrinkles and loss of elasticity);
• Smoother skin texture;
• Reduction of scars;
• Reduction of pore size;
• Improvement of skin hydration;
• Faster wound healing.

This happens through the following 4 mechanisms by the Polynucleotides:
1. It promotes blood circulation by stimulating the growth of blood vessels.
2. It is anti-inflammatory. Inflammation releases free radicals that damage skin cells. By inhibiting this you prevent this skin damage.
3. It improves skin texture and elasticity and collagen production is stimulated by increased fibroblast activity.
4. It heals and repairs by repairing and helping to make DNA. This also makes the skin more resistant to damage that can cause premature aging of the skin, such as UV light and free radicals. It also directly repairs UV damage and helps to remove unwanted substances released by UV-damaged cells. (Study shows that PN blocks 90% of UVB and 20% of UVA radiation. 



Polynucleotides are the essential base for any skin rejuvenation approach; they can be used as an independent treatment or as fundamental preparation before another skin approach, such as with lasers, fillers, peeling, needling, surgery.
In order to respond to different patient needs we defined various references with specific target subgroups: all the products are completely biocompatible, biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

• Where: Full face, décolleté
• When: Normal skin, Advanced skin aging
• Plus: High trophic effects duo to the strong concentration of PN HPT

• Where: periocular, neck, décolleté, hands, scalp
• When: Sensitive skin and delicate areas, treatment for increase hair thickening and density
• Plus: modulated concentration of PN HPT allows a faster wheal disappearance, together with trophic effect

• Where: Total Body (arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks)
• When: skin laxity, striae (or stretch marks) and depressed scars
• Plus: the quantity and the fluidity of the product allows its use in large areas of the body The product can also be administered using non-invasive methods (iontophoresis, electroporation, hydro electrophoresis, etc.).


Polynucleotides HPT injected intradermally are very useful as a “PRIMING” procedure thanks to their regenerating action. It will support the skin prior to other aesthetic treatments:
>Polynucleotides HPT boost the effectiveness of other treatments if injected before
>Polynucleotides HPT play a key role in preventing skin aging, thanks to their PRIMING activity. 

PLINEST patient info


• Intradermal gel prefilled syringe with polynucleotides HPT
• Trophic effect
• High tolerance
• 40 mg/2ml
• Full face and back of hands
• 1 infiltration every 2-3 weeks for a total of 4-5 sessions
• Maintenance: every 2-3 months  


• Intradermal gel prefilled syringe with polynucleotides HPT
• Trophic action
• High tolerance
• 15 mg/2ml
• Indicated for delicate and thin skin areas: neck, décolleté,
• hands, eye contour, forehead lines and for hair growth
• Micro wheals lower residence time
• 1 infiltration every 2-3 weeks for a total of 4-5 sessions
• Maintenance: every 2-3 months  


• 5 vials 4ml
• Polynucleotides HPT 8mg/vial
• Regenerative effect
• Total body, Face, neck, décolleté
• Improve tone and firmness of body
• 1 session a week for a month
• 1 session every 15 days for 2 months for a total of 6-8 infiltrations